What’s this Rick stuff? Who’s Rick? And why does he do this chainmail stuff?

Rick (yes, there really is a Rick, it isn’t just a clever name) is a regular, fuzzy faced guy living deep in the wilds of New Mexico. Once upon a time, he made a chainmail bracelet to woo his ladylove. And it was good.

It worked.. and it didn’t work. You see, there was so much interest in that little bracelet, and so many thoughts went around about what you could use chainmail for if you wanted to take the time to build it, that Rick soon found himself making chainmail bags. And it was good.

Everyone that saw one wanted one of their very own, with their little tweaks taken into account. Maybe a little bigger or a little smaller and oh, what colors CAN we get… and then, Rick took a bag into the local gaming shop and asked if this is something they’d be interested in carrying as a product? Indeed, they were. And it was good. Ish.

Because when you’re making products for store shelves, you miss out on that personalization, that little something that says this is MY bag, I picked it out, it’s exactly how I wanted it.

So here we are.. a site where you can make your bag or bracelet or whatever just as you like it. A little piece of geek chic made just for you. And now it’s way better than good.. it’s back to the way Rick wanted it to be.

OK, got that part… now how does this order stuff work?

Typically, for a small order, like a bracelet or a minibag, we will make upon receipt of order and ship out the next day. For a larger order, like a bag or giant bag, it may take us a little longer. Lead times are in the customization area, and we’re pretty good about sticking to it. Of course, if you don’t want to wait, we do have some stock on hand in our etsy shop that you are more than welcome to choose from!

In the event that the color you are absolutely in love with is running low, we may take a week or two to refill the color of rings from our supplier. Again, we’ll be in touch so you know what’s going on.

Once your order is ready, we will email you a link to our etsy storefront, where your handcrafted, super spiffy, customized order will be reserved for you. We will ship the next business day after payment, or same day if you catch Rick at the right time.

What if I’m in New Mexico, too? Can I get stuff faster?

If you’re lucky enough to be in the Albuquerque area, then there’s two places you can stop in to and check out our stuff… our chainmail bags can be found at Twin Suns and our jewelry pieces can be found at Abitha’s Apothecary.