The Epic Corgi Adventure

2014-09-19 12.55.53

When we were at the ABQ Ren Faire this year, we were asked a very intriguing question about making a suit of armor for a Corgi… well who the heck could say no to that??

We decided to go with a simple Japanese 4 in 1… we once saw a pup in a European chainmail shirt, and while it looked awesome, the poor little guy was overheating, and we didn’t want to see that happen. For the same reason, we started with aluminum rings, to keep it nice and light.

rugby tryon1rugby tryon2

These pics are from the first fitting.. and so far, so good! We added a few more inches to the sides to get a nice drapey effect… and then….



2014-10-01 16.03.34 rugby1 rugby3

We were so enchanted by how cute this turned out that we are now offering these as a custom item-