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So… many… rings

Just got our refresh of goodies in from the Ring Lord… in addition to the usual shenanigans, we got some interesting new charm/scale/tags. If you saw us in ABQ, you may have noticed some of the heart scales we picked up… well, some more like that, but laser engraved with trees and some steampunk varieties, too.

And flat rings… and crystal elements… and bats.. and and and…

Well, like us, you’ll just have to wait and see. If it cheers you up any, you get to wait without plying the pliers.

So much new stuff…

One of the best parts of what we do is getting to innovate on what we offer. We’ve just refreshed our project gallery to reflect some of the new stuff we’ve been making… and with plans to sell at the Santa Fe Ren Faire this year as well, I can tell you, there’s still plenty more new ideas a’brewin from what we learned at the ABQ Ren Faire!

Gold scale necklace

Gold scale necklace

Teal and silver shaggy loops bracelet

Teal and silver shaggy loops bracelet

dragonscale purple

All of these pieces and more are currently available at our Etsy shop 🙂

So much rain…

.. sad times.. we got rained out of Pride.

The GOOD part is that we have refreshed the online store ( and, because there’s so many people we didn’t get to see, we’re offering a coupon code for the rest of the weekend! Just use ‘rainpride’ at checkout to save 15% off your purchase!

The really disappointing part is that we had a lot of our new stock out for really the first time… Dragon’s Egg scale bags, glow in the dark bracelets, lots of new designs and colors… so please, take a look!



ABQ Ren Faire 2015

Ren Faire 1 rf2 rf3 rfearrings


A huge thank  you to everyone who came out and said hi yesterday.. you made the day for us! A lot of new items were out, the sun was shining (at least for the first part of the day), and it was great to get to talk to folk and see what they liked.

Special thanks to our friendly helpers who let us keep the pliers going on special requests and adjustments all day long!


New day, new goodies

OK….. I’ve been a bad, baaaaaaaaaaaaad minion. I haven’t kept our main site as updated as I could have… I’ve left you all in the dark, wondering if there was ever going to be anything posted, ever, ever again.

I accept your condemnation.. I think it’s important to admit when one has been thoughtless.

BUT.. I had the best of reasons… look at all this amazing stuff we’ve been working on…..

11140247_817349685012474_1884434873996788857_nbags    scales1 scales5 scales2scales3celtic cloudsscales4 cloudsblacknpink   clouds2 flowers scales1 scales2 scales3 scales4 scales5 stretchy rainbow


Want to see more? We’ll be at the Albuquerque Ren Faire on May 2!

New tri-colored bags for Khans of Tarkir! (Magic the Gathering geek out in progress here)

I know it’s no secret that we are huge omg geeky geeky geeks… so pardon while we get particularly nerdish for a few minutes.

Thanks to a random conversation down at our local game shop (that’s Twin Suns at Coors and Montano if you’re in the Albuquerque area), we decided to make up bags for all the color combinations for Khan. For those keeping track, that’s a green/blue/black, white/red/black, white/red/blue, green/white/black, and red/green/blue.

2014-09-11 17.32.24

Here’s the ones that are already done and available for sale down at Twin’s. Only two to go, and one of them.. I can’t lie… it kinda makes me think Ninja Turtle.

2014-09-19 13.58.41

So don’t be surprised if you see a bag soon that has orange and purple stripes instead of the repeating blue and red….


But overall, we’re very happy with the way these came now. Now on to other things… like our in house draft!

Happy Magicking, Planeswalkers!

The Epic Corgi Adventure

2014-09-19 12.55.53

When we were at the ABQ Ren Faire this year, we were asked a very intriguing question about making a suit of armor for a Corgi… well who the heck could say no to that??

We decided to go with a simple Japanese 4 in 1… we once saw a pup in a European chainmail shirt, and while it looked awesome, the poor little guy was overheating, and we didn’t want to see that happen. For the same reason, we started with aluminum rings, to keep it nice and light.

rugby tryon1rugby tryon2

These pics are from the first fitting.. and so far, so good! We added a few more inches to the sides to get a nice drapey effect… and then….



2014-10-01 16.03.34 rugby1 rugby3

We were so enchanted by how cute this turned out that we are now offering these as a custom item-